Roy MatlenBorn in Brooklyn, raised in Los Angeles. Since 1990 I have been a photojournalist for various motorcycle magazines, mostly with Paisano Publications. They publish Easy Riders, Biker, In the Wind, VQ, V-Twin and other magazines catering to the motorcycle and hot rod enthusiast. Through Paisano, my photos and stories have been published in Germany, Spain, France, Japan, Mexico and many other countries around the globe.

Currently, I am employed as a free lance publicity stills photographer in the Motion Picture and Television industry. This job entails taking pictures while the cameras are rolling to be used by the publicity department to get pre-release press in newspapers and magazines. I also shoot the occassional rock concert and rock video and have taken photos of Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Ry Cooder, Joan Baez, Cheryl Crow, Gregg Allman, Dave Mason, The Tubes and many other well known musicians.

Roy MatlenThrough various experiences I have learned that all things are comprised of light. And light is comprised of colors. Just as you enlarge a photograph until it is nothing more than a pixelated blur, the space between the pixels is the light that composes our world. Nothing is so solid that there is no light within it.

I try and capture the psychedelic motion of light and colors. The colors between us dance constantly, and if not for a good camera and a quality lens, they would go unnoticed forever. It doesn’t happen all the time. Sometimes it takes a thousand clicks to capture these wondrous delights. Most of the time it takes more. But the final picture is worth it all. There is no political statement in these photos. There is just the idea that light and colors are in us all. If you can freeze the flashing beauty of the colors that surround us, imagine the beauty that is within us. Whether I use a slow speed, move the camera, manipulate the lens or any combination of techniques, it is still the lights and colors that create what is captured. These images are not photoshopped, colored or enhanced.

I currently reside in Los Angeles, CA with my two timber wolves, Star and Silver.

I use Canon cameras and lenses exclusively and print my own work on a large format Epson printer.