Palm Tree of Light

Taken at an amusement park on the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, California. It started out a circle of lights atop one of the attractions. A flick of the wrist and push on the lens and there it is. A true fluke fotograph!   VIEW SERIES

Cathedrale de Bayeaux

An absolutely stunning church from the outside. From the inside, the beauty is incredible. What makes this particular image so bizarre, is there is not one person in this picture. Crazy, when you consider there was a long line to get in!   VIEW SERIES

Blue Dancers

Only music could create the images of light that you see before you. As much as light is what the human body is made of, music is its soul.  Originally called "Roy on Drums," these images are of me playing drums in a pitch black room with sticks that light up when struck on the...

Neon Candy XIV

These photos were all taken within a few minute time period. I was invited to the CSI-NY cast and crew party on the CBS lot. The star of the show, Gary Sinise, has a great rock & roll band and these are pictures of the lights used on stage while his band performed. All the...

Cotton Candy

It was a nice night for a ride, so we headed out through Old Topanga Canyon, then west, over the mountain to Malibu., and then south to Santa Monica, CA. Just off the pier, I spotted a small tapas bar that had some unusual but nicely colored lights. Voila! The Cotton Candy Series was born....

Bourbon Street in Neon

The feel of Bourbon Street and its music is evident in this image. The true fluke in this picture are thel words "Bourbon Street" captured from a neon sign somewhere in the image. This picture was not "photoshopped" or manipulated in any way other than a minor crop. Another wonderful fluke foto. 24" x 14"....

The Light Eater

Taken at an amusement park on the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, California. It is what it is... Hey! It looks like the Light Eater to me!   VIEW SERIES

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